Dr. Louie Garcia (right) attends to one of the male clients who availed of NSV at PFWC during the World Vasectomy Week.

In celebration of this year’s World Vasectomy Day, the Commission on Population and Development-National Capital Region (POPCOM-NCR), Metro Manila Center for Health and Development (MMCHD) and DKT Philippines conducted a 5-day vasectomy mission held from November 15-19, 2021 at POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic.

The World Vasectomy Day is an international awareness event celebrated every 16th day of November in many countries worldwide to raise global awareness on vasectomy as a family planning method for males and promotes male involvement in family planning and maternal child health care and nutrition.

As part of the celebration, POPCOM-NCR Regional Director Lydio M. Espanol, Jr. said that instead of celebrating the event in just one day, POPCOM-NCR, MMCHD and DKT Philippines agreed to celebrate the event through a week-long provision of free non-scalpel vasectomy (NSV).

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization. It is considered as a permanent procedure that will allow males to have better sexual relationship with their partner without the fear of having unplanned pregnancies.

Edward, 29 and a father of two (2) contacted POPCOM to inquire on the free vasectomy procedure provided at POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic (PFWC).  Acknowledging the roles that her wife plays in rearing their children and the difficult situation nowadays amidst this pandemic, he chose to undergo the procedure.  Since he and his wife have decided not to have additional children, and so to avoid unplanned pregnancies, he opted for the NSV procedure.  He added that instead of her wife taking family planning contraceptives, he should also do his share in achieving their goals of having two children only.

Director Espanol lauded all the males and fathers who have availed for the free vasectomy services during the celebration of this event.  “A total of 58 male individuals have availed of free vasectomy within the first three days of the week-long event, a bigger turn-out compared to the previous observance of World Vasectomy Day. This clearly shows that more males understand the need to step up for their wife and for the whole family,” he added.  

Common concerns raised on vasectomy were on how NSV will affect a man’s masculinity. Dr. Louie Garcia, Medical Provider at PFWC explained that NSV does not have an impact on one’s sexual function, on testosterone and during ejaculation. He added that nothing will change except for the no sperm during ejaculation.

Interested individuals may contact POPCOM Helpline numbers: 09272998764 (Globe)/09617432337 to avail the of the NSV and other family planning services which are all free of charge, offered at the POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic (PFWC). Clients will undergo counselling and assessment by the medical team before they are provided with such FP services. ###


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