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POPCOM-NCR spearheaded the conduct of an Orientation on the Basic Concepts of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expressions (SOGIE) for its staff on May 23, 2017 at POPCOM AV Room,Mandaluyong City. To maximize this opportunity, NCR had invited the POPCOM 4 group to participate as well.

This one-day orientation on SOGIE was facilitated by Mr. Ralph Ivan J. Samson, a registered nurse and Training and Advocacy Officer of Islands of Southeast Asia Network on Male and Transgender Sexual Health (ISEAN)-HIVOS Program-Philippines.  It is intended to create awareness and understanding among the staff on the basic concepts and terminologies related to SOGIE. 

According to the Mr. Samson, the discussion will allow the staff to open their minds and look at the realities revolving around gender.  He also added that everyone should be aware that each individual, regardless of gender or sexual preferences, has rights to claim to include the right to be respected. 

“We see the importance of this session for staff, especially for those who are facilitating training to look at the realities revolving around gender and to make them more gender-sensitive in conceptualizing activities and in choosing words that are appropriate to participants with varying gender and sexual preferences’, said Regional Director Lydio M. Espanol.

During the activity, the resource speaker emphasized the roles of those in governmentwho have the capacity to develop and implement policies, programs, projects and activities that are beneficial to all regardless of gender.

The orientation is part of POPCOM-NCR’s innovative move to ensure integration of gender and development in the agency’s major programs and activities. ### 

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